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En bit ost som är inpackad i en bivaxduk med Fårö-mönster.

1. Wrap

Fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, or bowls of leftovers.

Hur man tvättar en bivaxduk efter användning.

2. Rinse off

Rinse in cold water with a drop of dish soap.

En halv avokado som ligger inpackad i en bivaxduk

3. Recycle

Reusable for at least a year!


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Why should you use beeswax cloths?

✓ Replaces plastic foil

Beeswax cloths are used for food storage - as a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. By switching to beeswax cloths, you avoid buying plastic foil and plastic bags.

✓ Reusable

Beeswax cloths can be used again and again for up to a year. After use, they are easily washed off with a little cold water and a drop of washing-up liquid.

✓ Holds extremely tightly

Our beeswax cloths keep heat in and keep cold out. They can be used to cover both food and drink, and will not leak through, regardless of the contents.

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