Varför vi skippar Black Friday

Black Friday is not for us...

The reason is very simple and undramatic.

We then claim to be a sustainable company, which takes responsibility and contributes something good. When we write that, we are not only referring to the fact that we manufacture beeswax cloths, which are the sustainable alternative to plastic wrap.

For example, we have launched two products made from leftovers from production, fire starters and mini-fireplaces , with the aim of reducing our waste.

We also sell beeswax candles in various forms, because they are better for people and nature compared to paraffin candles.

Internally, we give everyone who works for us a decent salary that you can live on, while we are flexible with working hours and the like. It should simply be a fun place to work.

During 2023, we have twice supported Swedish designers and artists by collaborating with them. Among other things, we have collaborated with David Cheung, an artist who suffers from Asperger's, but who found happiness in drawing. Since last spring, his art adorns our beeswax canvases.

Through our social media marketing, we try to be as honest and transparent as possible. We often show when things don't quite go as we planned, such as when we tried to learn to sew , or tested the vegan recipe.

In our eyes, Black Friday is a holiday whose purpose is to incite and stress people into over-consumption, and maybe buy things they don't really need. We simply do not believe that it is a "holiday" that will win the Nobel Prize in sustainability.

We do not want to contribute to consumerism.

Our goal has always been to create genuinely good products, which have a sustainable purpose, which people actually use, under decent conditions.

Of course, as an entrepreneur, it feels lucrative to jump on the trend, and potentially get a huge boost in sales. When you see other companies bragging on Linkedin about how much they sold for, you naturally get a little jealous.

But we stand our ground. We just don't think Black Friday contributes to any healthy consumption habits.

Our goal is, and remains, to be a truly sustainable company.

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Cilla H Ingman

Cilla H Ingman

Instämmer fullständigt! INGEN behöver “Black Friday” det är verkligen bara konsumtionshets!

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