Welcome to Gotland Originals!

Hi there! We're Leo and Sebastian

Glad you found us!

It's we who run Gotland Originals. We are two childhood friends who have always started different creative projects together. We wrote comic books as kids. Built an ice cream stand in my early teens, and made short films during our late teens.

When we got a little older, it was a natural next step for us to create a company together, where we now get to be creative full time! Contributing to the environment at the same time is a big bonus and feels really good!


It started in the dorm

After our high school graduation, we both went to study at university. However, we couldn't keep ourselves from starting something up, and founded the company from Sebastian's student room, mostly as a fun hobby. At the time we didn't have any big plans other than to reach out to a couple of stores in Visby. The started making beeswax wraps because the environment is something we are both passionate about.

However, school was never something our hearts beat hard for, so when the company started to take off, we never needed many arguments for us to drop out and become full-time entrepreneurs.

In retrospect, it feels strange that we ever hesitated whether to sell beeswax cloths! 

We believe in complete customer obsession. To always do everything, everything, everything for the customer to be satisfied.

How it's going right now

When we started the business at the beginning of 2021, we made beeswax cloths. Today we also have beeswax candles, beeswax rolls, fire starters, and much, much more is on the way!

Nowadays, we have a small team of 5 people who work hard to grow the company. It's all thanks to all our WONDERFUL customers.

We still can't get over the fact that over 25,000 real flesh and blood people have chosen to shop from us. It's ABSOLUTELY UNREAL!

We are truly delighted to receive so many positive comments and emails from all of you. We read every single one of them and we couldn't be prouder! THOUSAND THANKS!!

Our goal

Our big, long-term goal is to have a positive impact on the world around us, while doing something completely unique.

We do this by continuing to improve the quality and experience of our products, and we are constantly working to expand the range. Our requirements are that everything must be manufactured by ourselves, and that it must have a sustainable purpose. No junk products intended for single use.

Most importantly, though, is that we have really, really fun together.

We are delighted to have you here. THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining us on our journey!

Our big, long-term goal is to have a positive impact on the world around us, while doing something completely unique.