Welcome to us!

Hey, our names are Leo and Sebastian, and we're the ones who run this company.

We started Gotland's beeswax cloths to be involved and contribute to a more sustainable development, as it is something we are both passionate about.

If you've found your way into our circles, you already know that today's use of plastic wrap is terribly destructive - but what you may not know is that it's also completely unnecessary. There is actually an alternative that is both better, prettier, and completely sustainable. That is, Beeswax cloths!

When we started the company from Sebastian's student room, we didn't really have any bigger plans than to reach out to a couple of stores in Visby. We could never have guessed how popular our little project would become. If you want to read more about our entire trip, you can click here

Our ambition is to make it easy for people to make a big difference. We do this by offering the most durable, grippy, and beautiful beeswax cloths possible. In the future, we hope to be able to create and distribute more sustainable products with a clear place in people's everyday lives.

A BIG THANK YOU for choosing to join our journey!

Thanks, now we're running!

Leo and Sebastian from Gotland Originals