Mini fireplace


Quantity: One
Sale price99 kr


The mini fire is a real cozy factor to bring out on autumn evenings.

It produces a substantial flame when lit, and is easily smothered by putting the lid on. Enjoy the flames on the terrace, balcony or out in nature. Grill marshmallows or just enjoy the flame.

The mini fire is made from edge strips and waste pieces from our production of beeswax cloths, and is filled with beeswax to give it a long burning time. It is part of our attempt to reduce our wastage.

Materials: Aluminum can, waste from beeswax cloths (cotton fabric, beeswax, pine resin) and beeswax.

Burning time: 5 hours.

Diameter: 9 ø

Made in Sweden: Made by adults in our small factory in Visby.

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