Jakten på 1000 butiker

A lot of people still like to see and feel a product before whipping out the credit card. E-commerce is not for everyone.

However, our products are for everyone, so it is extremely important to us that we are available in as many municipalities and urban areas as possible.

We have therefore set ourselves a pompous and grandiose goal: Our products must be on the shelves in 1000 stores all over the EU.

Everywhere, even Gnesta and Borås!

A few months ago we were only in 4 stores here on Gotland... which is nothing to write home about.

We are now in over 30 stores around Sweden, as well as 1 in Norway, and 2 in Germany.

Sure, we still have 970 left, which can feel overwhelming, but that's when we get going the most. We will not give up!

I'm going to look like this when we get there though:

Leo Hjertstedt as an old man.

Joking aside, we are hopeful and will fight on. Everyone can also help! Go to your grocery store or your local home decor store and ask them to include us in the range.

As always, it is together we make a difference.

A complete list of our dealers can be found here

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