Ett enormt tack!

25,000 customers in Sweden

Today we just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you.

We have just reached 25,000 customers in Sweden, which is a huge milestone. I remember a long time ago when Sebastian used to text me "We got an order!" every time a purchase was made.

That now 25,000 people have given us their trust is completely unreal!!

We are truly SO grateful and humbled at the same time. Here are some of the reviews we received recently:

This is really warming! But the funniest thing is actually that 20-25% of all orders that come in now are from customers who have already shopped once before. At the end of last year, that figure was around 3 - 5%.

That development is SO FUN TO SEE!

The fact that you come back is proof that we are doing something right!

This fall we have several exciting product releases and other events coming up! We strongly believe that the best is ahead of us!

We hope you want to join that journey too!


/Leo Hjertstedt & Sebastian Rückertz

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