5 annorlunda sätt att använda sin bivaxduk

Was recently out hiking in Norway. Although I had some gray clouds, I was able to appreciate what nature has to offer.

Even though I was in a national park, I saw some plastic littering here and there (not a lot at all, but a little bit). It made me think how boring and unnecessary it's actually with all the damn plastic.

The only good thing about it is that it gave me the idea for this newsletter: 5 slightly different ways you can use your beeswax cloth, beyond just keeping your food fresh longer.

Here we go:

1. Wrap small shampoo bars.

If you are on the move a lot and have a shampoo bar with you, it is perfect to wrap in the beeswax cloth. Easy and convenient to take with you!

2. Use to open a can.

A sluggish lid on a can is no fun. Because the beeswax cloth grips so well, there is perfect friction to lift the lid. Works much better than, for example, a towel. Try!

3. Use as a lid for the jam jar.

If you don't have a lid for the jam jar, you can take your beeswax cloth and cover it.

Even if you have a lid, it looks much more old school with a nice beeswax cloth instead.

4. Flower bouquets.

Valentine's Day is still a long way off, but maybe you have reason to give a bouquet of flowers anyway. Cool!

If you buy it in a store, it often comes with plastic... ugh.

Wrap the lower part in one of our stylish designs, for example the flowers on Fårö between.

5. Make a water bowl for the pet.

It's actually not all about people.

Actually don't know when this would really be necessary haha, but it's a fun idea right? Maybe if you are out in the woods with your dog, you can wrap it in a bowl and pour water in there.

If you have any cool and exciting ideas of your own on what to do, please let us know!

Anyway, we have HUGE exciting things going on in the factory like you not want to miss.

But more on that later…

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Britt -Louise Rönn

Britt -Louise Rönn

Kommer att testa bivaxduk som vattenskål när jag är ute på skogspromenad med mina hundar. Bra förslag. Lätt att ta med sig.👍

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