Nu är bivaxpåsarna här!

Beeswax bags are the new way to store food instead of plastic bags.

The great thing about beeswax is that it is antibacterial, which extends the shelf life of food. Beeswax bags also breathe perfectly for food storage, which prevents condensation or drying out.

  • The bread feels freshly baked much longer.
  • The vegetables retain their fresh crispness.
  • Leftovers stay mould-free.
  • In addition, the cheese does not get hard edges.

Unlike plastic bags that are just thrown away after each use, beeswax bags are reusable! Fill the bag with water and a drop of washing-up liquid and shake the bag. Rinse out and let dry. Lasts at least a year, usually longer!

How do we manufacture them?

After we impregnate the fabric and cut to size, we have a large pile of cut beeswax cloths. It may look something like this:

A pile of beeswax bags

Then just start folding. As I said, we leave a small flap at the top so that it will be easy to fold over.

Fold beeswax cloths

Then the fun begins... or at least the part that characterizes the bags most of all: Sewing.

This part is a bit special. Sewing in general is not always the easiest, and sewing a beeswax cloth is even trickier. It takes a lot of dexterity and patience!

Man sewing a beeswax bag

Then we have a finished beeswax bag that is ready to start using. In the picture below, a piece of bread is put into the bag, which is one of the most common ways to use it.

Beeswax bag with bread in it

If you have any questions about the beeswax bags, you can always comment on this post or email . If you are interested in purchasing some bags yourself , click here.

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