Vi var på Formex 2023

Then Formex was completed.

We got to jump in and share a booth with Novellix, which turned out to be a perfect fit. It was both enjoyable and educational.

Funniest of all was that so many visitors came by and chatted, and that so many recognized us from Facebook and Instagram. It is always interesting to hear what people think and think about us and our products. Basically all feedback is positive, which warms our hearts. The times someone claimed that beeswax cloths really don't work, it turned out that it was someone other than us that they bought from.

PS It's actually completely true, and not something we're concocting.

Leo Hjertstedt at Formex 2023

We were also told time and time again that our designs by Tove Nordqvist are absolutely the most beautiful on the market, which we bow and bow to.

Best of all, we are now on the shelves in around 40 new stores around the country.

In total, this means that we now have over 100 resellers (we had 4 when we started the reseller journey a couple of months ago). Things are going fast now and new requests are rolling in every day. Super fun!

Our complete list of all our dealers can be found here .

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