Tre sätt att använda mini-brasan

Today I want to share with you our latest addition to the range, which is a product that has really made the first autumn evenings extra cozy - the Mini brasan!

I am so proud that we managed to get this product. As you know, it is completely made from waste pieces from production, and is a way for us to become more sustainable.

This little thing creates a lovely fire that lasts all evening. Here are three ways you can use your mini-fireplace:

1. Marshmallow time

Gather family and friends around the crackling fire and roast marshmallows. Take it out into nature or at home. It doesn't get cozier!

Grill marshmallows over the mini-fire

2. Balcony coziness

I like to sit and read on the balcony when the hour is late. If I want to make it extra inviting, I take the Minibrasan outside. It creates a kind of soft, warm lighting that really transforms the atmosphere, and also provides warmth (the flame is big enough). It's like having a small fireplace on the balcony!

Read with mini-fireplace

3. Shining Marshals

One of my favorite things about the Mini Brasan is that it acts as a marshal. A little while ago we had an event at the company and then exhibited the mini bonfires as marshals on the ground outside. The result is a warm and inviting glow that shows where to go!

That said, this is our way of reducing production waste. Instead of throwing away uneven pieces, we now make mini-fireplaces like this out of them. I think they work great!

If you want to buy mini-fireplaces , they are available here

Feel free to write what you usually use them for!

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