Mini-brasan: Nästa steg för att minska svinnet

The latest addition to the range is called Mini-brasa. It is the next step in our work to reduce our production waste.

Since we first impregnate the fabric with beeswax, it often results in edge strips and smaller "beeswax cloths" that we cannot use for anything. We've always felt that it feels unnecessary to have to throw it away, which is why last year we introduced fire starters. They were a huge hit, and in November 2022 they were even our best selling product.

The fire starters have helped us reduce our wastage significantly, but not enough. Mountains of edge strips and scraps still build up, so we decided to create yet another product to get rid of this once and for all - the Mini fire pit.

Shrinkage from the production Gotland Originals

The mini fire consists of cut small pieces of waste from our production and then filled with beeswax. We have worked with the mixture itself to get the perfect flame with as long a burning time as possible.

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