Varför vi avstod från Black Friday

Why we chose not to participate in Black Friday

Now during Black Friday, I assume that you also got your inbox stuffed with emails from companies, with exactly the same message...

"Buy! Buy! Buy!"

Many of these companies have also secretly raised prices before, so that the sale appears to be much more generous than it actually is.

Before Black Friday, we got a lot of questions about whether we were going to have a sale or similar, so we thought we'd explain how we thought.

We debated for quite a while about how to do it. Of course, you are a little tempted to get a big boost in sales for a few days, but at the same time we don't like the idea of ​​inciting people to impulse buy.

In the end, we chose not to have a sale. This is how we reason:

We have had the same prices all year, and to date do not have a spectacular sale on CV. It may seem stingy, but we see it as giving everyone equal opportunities.

We don't think you should be encouraged or stressed to buy something you don't need. It doesn't matter what kind of cool gadget it is. It is based on an unhealthy consumerism that we do not stand behind.

I also personally think it's a bit weird if person A shops at regular prices on Monday, so that person B on Tuesday will shop much cheaper. Doesn't person A feel a little cheated then?

It is true that Black Friday or other shopping holidays give people with a lower income an opportunity to shop for things that they otherwise would not have been able to afford. There is a point in that and we fully understand that point of view.

However, we have intended to laser heavily discounted beeswax cloths made from misprinted fabric (it happens sometimes). Much the same way of thinking as with our fire starters - take care of wastage and misprints instead of throwing them away.

I hope everyone who wondered gets clarity on how we think :)

What do you think about Black Friday and those kinds of "shopping holidays"? Let us know :)

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