Nytt, förbättrat recept

New recipe - improved quality!

Today we have something exciting to tell you!

We can proudly present our new, upgraded recipe for beeswax cloths. As of now, they include:

  • Beeswax (of course)
  • Pine resin
  • Jojoba oil

The main improvement from the old one is that it doesn't crumble , holds even tighter , and doesn't smudge.


We have long wanted to take our beeswax cloths to the next level. After listening to tons of feedback on what could be improved, we took a weekend to test out the perfect mix once and for all.

We are enormously proud of the result, and the way we got there.

What's new in the recipe?

The biggest change is that we now use jojoba oil instead of coconut oil.

The choice of jojoba oil was easy. Just like beeswax, jojoba oil is one of nature's miracles . It is antibacterial, and full of vitamins.

Jojoba oil is made by cold-pressing the seeds of the jojoba plant. This incredible plant is unaffected by drought and scorching sun, and requires minimal water to grow. It saves on drinking water and energy consumption.

The actual seeds that remain after pressing can also be used as animal feed, so nothing goes to waste.

In other words: Jojoba oil is a super product from an environmental perspective. Source

When choosing a supplier of jojoba oil, it was important for us to get it right from the start. We had contact with several different companies, and asked critical questions to all of them. We also tested the oil from the candidates that seemed most promising.

In the end, we chose to work with a professional family company from Great Britain, whose focus is sustainability and quality.

We now also use Tallharts , which means that the beeswax cloths adhere well. Jojoba oil does not grow in Sweden, but since pine resin is produced here, it was important for us to find a Swedish supplier , which we did.

Here too, we chose to contact several different suppliers, as well as carry out quality tests with those that seemed most promising.


After a long weekend with a lot of work, we can sign that we now have the best beeswax cloths that can be found.

If you are curious about testing our new cloths, click here

Have a nice day!
/Leo and Sebastian

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