Handgjort av oss - med kärlek från Gotland

"Exactly the quality you expect from handicrafts from small, local shops on Gotland."

Here at Gotland Originals, we strive to achieve the highest possible quality in all our crafts. For that reason, it is super important for us to handle every part of the production ourselves, by hand, in our own small factory. Every day our amazing team of 8 people goes to work with the hope of making a difference.

It is extremely important to be able to view the entire production process with our own eyes, and to carry out the actual work with our own hands.

Quality, sustainability and responsibility are our watchwords that permeate everything we do. This is how we achieve the unbeatable quality our beeswax tablecloths and beeswax candles are known for!

Local crafts - unbeatable quality

Every product you find on our website has been manufactured by ourselves, from our own factory, located on the outskirts of Visby.

Gotland is, as you know, a particularly magical place. No one can really put their finger on what it is exactly, but it is something. Around Sweden and the world, Gotland has a reputation for being a center for sustainability. It's a reputation we want to help maintain!

Durability throughout the process

Of course we are not perfect. When you're a small company with paper-thin margins, it's not always possible to buy the locally produced super-duper-eco certified option, but we invest in looking at the big picture, and making small improvements where possible.

For example, we only use paper tape, and orders are of course sent in plastic-free packaging.

How we select raw materials

All raw materials we buy come from other EU countries.

Of course, we always try to buy materials in as large quantities as possible, in order to minimize the climate footprint.

There is a lot that has to be considered when we buy material, including how far it has to be shipped, cost, environmental impact, ingredients, whether it is eco-certified or not. It's not always possible to check off everything on the list, so we do our best to find a balance between everything you have to think about.

When we buy materials, we ask ourselves these questions:

  • How far has the material been sent?
  • How is it manufactured? In a sustainable way?
  • How have the workers been treated?
  • Are there alternatives with a lower climate impact?

Why should you care?

In a world where many companies' entire business model is to create junk products for mass consumption, our goal is to be different.

We are extremely careful in selecting our raw materials, we do everything ourselves, and we pay our employees a fair wage.

By supporting our small business, you ensure that you receive a high-quality product that has been made by hand, with a clear sustainable purpose, under fair working conditions.

Are you ready to join us on our journey?

Yes, now we're driving!

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Gun Herou

Gun Herou

Började så smått med några bivaxdukar. Vågade knappt använda dem för att jag ville att de skulle räcka till så mycket. Senast köpte jag en rulle. Perfekt! Nu har jag snöat in på bivaxdukar. Så praktiska!! Använder till all matförvaring. Tack o hälsning från Gun

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